Vinyl Siding Alternatives: You Do Have Options

Although vinyl siding is the exterior choice used on many homes, there are a few alternatives available if you’re one of the many Albuquerque residents who simply doesn’t want to use vinyl siding on their home. Read below to learn more about some of the most common vinyl siding alternatives available and make your choice from these options. Each of these options will put a smile on your face.


Wood siding is sleek and sophisticated, adding spectacular ambiance to any home in which it is installed. It is expensive and more difficult to care for than vinyl siding and other alternatives, however.  If you want to add wood be sure that you are prepared to care for the material.

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Fiber Cement

Fiber cement is becoming more popular of an exterior siding option than ever before. Homeowners enjoy the amazing durability of fiber cement, not to mention the great price and ease of installation. It is sold in assorted styles as well, giving homeowners freedom to create the style and look they love.


For many homeowners, stucco is the best vinyl siding alternative. It is affordable and available in assorted colors and designs so it is easy to capture the exact look you want. Get in touch with the best stucco contractors albuquerque nm to learn more about this awesome siding alternative! It could very well be the perfect add-on to your home.

Last Thoughts

There are a few vinyl siding options that may work better for your home than the next. It’s nice to know that you do have options! The choices above are among the options available. Consider each of these options and get the look that you want at your home, without spending a small fortune in the process.