How many elevators will your building need?

This will be the big question that needs to be answered quite carefully prior to the new building being erected. Once a structural design has been settled on, architectural plans need to correlate with civil engineering work in regard to all technical matters. Among these will be the installation of one or more elevators if the building is going to be one or more stories high. And today, it is no longer sufficient for a building plan reflecting just one floor above ground level to merely have a flight of stairs.

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While the exercise of negotiating these stairs comes well recommended and would be welcome among those readers who tend to be health-oriented, it is simply impractical to isolate the building without at least one elevator. This is particularly pertinent for the urban and industrial environments. The property owner’s project manager will be including an elevator installation washington dc company amongst its team of architects, civil engineers, interior designers, electrical installation experts, plumbing technicians, and the like.

The scale of the building and its logistical outlook will determine the feasibility study in terms of how many lifts or elevators need to be installed. The kind of business being carried out will also determine what kind of elevator needs to be installed. Needless to say, the operational warehouse or retail environment sees fit to have a sizeable goods lift installed. Something more substantial is required in the industrial space where the use of heavy machinery predominates.

Although it could be argued that the industrialist’s heaviest machinery will be based at ground level. And then there is still the urban office and residential environment to be catered for where, these days, provision must be made for foot traffic if you will that is physically challenged.